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PCC M-Press Fittings

M-Press - Press Fittings for the domestic market


As press fittings become more and more popular with mechanical contractors and installers within the commercial sector, plumbers too are now beginning to see the benefits of 'flame free' jointing.  There are more domestic installs taking place today, with press fittings than ever before.  Press fittings are being used on brand new heating systems, refurb and replacement work, bathroom installs and boiler changes.  They are even being used on solar thermal heating systems as the special elastomer seals can handle temperatures up to 230 degreesC.  At those kinds of temperatures, M-Press fittings can offer a safer solution than just using a silver solder or compression system.


M-Press supply a range of copper press fittings designed to be used for general hot and cold water services, heating, potable water, gas and of course solar thermal heating.  Our network of domestic distribution ensures that our ranges of fittings are never far away.  Our new press tool, the M-Press Mini Tool is designed to compliment our fittings, to provide you with a complete matched system, fully guaranteed with confidence and peace of mind.  The press tool represents fantastic value for money which we are sure you will find competitive against other market leading brands.  It is supplied with a battery, charger, pressing jaws from 15mm to 28mm and also has a USB facility allowing the user to 'download' a history of presses, dates and times.  This can be particularly useful prior to pressure testing as it allows a final check that all fittings have been made and 'marked off'.  Full details can be seen in our 'New Products' section in the main menu.


We have also taken some time to design a 'starter pack' which is particularly useful for those new to the M-Press press fit system but also proves useful to more experienced installers who perhaps want to 'freshen up' their press accessories.  The pack contains everything you will need to complete your install correctly and safely.  We have included a pipe depth marker, marker pen, deburring tool to 35mm, pipe cutter to 35mm, some synthetic wire wool, silicon grease and a pocket sized copy of our technical handbook.  The packs will be available from your M-Press distributor.  Full details can be seen in our 'New Products' section in the main menu.


We would also like to offer a full training session to ensure you and your team are fully versed in the M-Press system and that you are correctly installing our fittings in order to make full use of our guarantees.  We are proud to have some of the longest guarantees in the industry and once you are trained and certified, you can be confident that M-Press is covering your hard work!  These training sessions are free of charge and can be carried out at a location of your choice - be it site, office or branch.  Full details of our training can be seen in our 'Training' section in the main menu.


If you would like to find out more about our current domestic installs or if you have any questions or would like to arrange a training session, please contact us via the contact page in the main menu.


For a full list of our current distribution partners, please see the main menu.



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An Introduction......

PCC M-Press Fittings are the UK's latest manufacturer and supplier of mechanical press fittings. Following the popular 'M-Profile' press design, M-Press have introduced a range of mechanical press fittings for the commercial plumbing sector. The company was launched in the UK by - John Poole.  


John believes that there is an opportunity in the UK for a new supplier of this growing trend of plumbing fitting and utilising his 14 years experience at his last Company, he set about creating M-Press Fittings Ltd, a company that will firmly place customer values, loyalty, service, support and trust at the forefront of the business and everything we do moving forward.


We supply Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper and Multi Layer Press Fittings and Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Multi Layer Pipes.


Operating from our new offices and warehouses in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, we are on hand to take enquiries, orders and to arrange technical literature and price lists. 


Our Field Sales team covers the UK and are just a phonecall or an e-mail away. Please feel free to make contact with us at any time by clicking on the 'Contact us' link above.



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